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GFI Receptacles for Safety

Do you have receptacles in your home that have buttons on them marked test and reset ? Did you ever wonder exactly what this receptacle was for or why these buttons were there. A GFCI receptacle is a receptacle that gives added protection around the home over and above the circuit breaker in your homes panel box. Did you know if you were using an appliance and it was plugged into a GFI receptacle and that appliance fell into a sink full of water or was damaged in such a way that would shock you if you touched it, a GFI protected receptacle would shut itself off automatically to protect you ?

The receptacle monitors the balance of voltage internally and will shut itself off if an imbalance or short circuit occurs. The manufactures of these devices suggest you test your device or breaker once a month by pushing the test button and resetting the device or breaker. If the device does not shut off or shuts off and does not reset then you should replace this device immediately.

GFI protection is required on counters near sinks, in unfinished areas of the home like a basement or garage. Outdoor areas, pool pumps, hot tub circuits, fish ponds, etc..

If you do a test today and find that your GFI protected device does not test and reset properly or you don’t have GFI protection in the areas above, Call today for Service.

Simple homeowner maintenance

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A simple, sometimes ignored and avoided maintenance issue homeowners sometimes fail to deal with on a regular basis is the changing of air filters in a forced air heating and cooling system. Failure to regularly maintain your filter in your duct work could lead to expensive and unnecessary repairs. You would be  kicking yourself when you pay out to your technician the price of a new capacitor or a new squirrel cage blower motor or worse. A new system all together. Hard to believe that a simple 3 dollar filter could cause such expensive repairs but this is the case. It is always best when you change your filter, to have a supply of 5-10 filters available to get you through the year. More if you are doing remodeling and creating dust in your home. Locate your filter rack every time the same month and do an inspection of the filter with the system off. Best not to do this inspection with the furnace running or able to turn on at a moments notice. A kill switch next too, or on, or at the thermostat should be placed in the off position. Remove your filter. Take notice of any directional arrows for air flow at this time as it will be very important to place the filter or it’s replacement in the same direction.  Hold it up to the light if it is not obvious that dust particles etc. have clogged and impeded the ability of your filter to do it’s job. If it looks clean, come back in a week and check it again. If it’s ready to be replaced do so at this time. Replace any doors or covers at this time and put the furnace power switches or thermostats back to the on position. 

That’s it. Once a month inspection and replacement will go a long way to guaranteeing you years of trouble free operation of one of the most important pieces of equipment used by you and your family to maintain comfort through out the year.

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